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"Antars make excellent engineers and smiths. What they lack in creative thinking they more than make up for in ability to concentrate on a task and efficiently execute it."

Antars "have a strict and unquestioned caste system." Each worker is always accompanied by a warrior. The warrior protects the worker and will die for the worker without hesitation.

Golden-bodied and purple-eyed, these bi-pedal creatures are strong and slender. They speak in a language all their own, which sounds to non-Antars like a series of clicks and clacks.

Antars have a fairly clear and justified feud with Fithlings as Fithlings often capture Antars and use them as slaves or for test-subjects.

Kingdom of Liars Year One[]

Two Antars stand in the storeroom of the Hernessian headquarters. Tools of their trades in hand, they are, as always, ready to work.