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A few views of Ashbane, and a map of the city.

Ashbane, the Rat's City. Not a place to which one would choose to move. Unless one has magical inclinations. Magic is legal in Ashbane. It must be one of the only places where it is so. Because magic was made legal, all the mages, necromancers, wizards, etc, who perhaps faced persecution in their native places, have come to Ashbane. "Crime is rampant," Captain Whelek says. However, Ashbane's economy thrives. Very possibly the two go hand-in-hand.

Ashbane has its own currency, and the use of external currency is discouraged by the city.

The flag of the city is a blood red tapestry with a single grape-wheat stalk growing upward in the center.

General Brandt and the Ashbane flag.

Gray Elk Library

Grimes Street

Hall of the Templars

Hernessian Headquarters

Right Street

Whisper Street


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