Baldewin is a Fenrirr Hunter from Ashbane. His younger brother Warren is a Hernessian guard there. Baldewin is noble and honest, but impatient. He is quick to resort to violent threats. He is incorruptible, unflappable, and dedicated. He is brave and willing to risk himself for innocents, going beyond the duty to which he is bound. He unwaverlingly ventures into the haunted forest and into Gorsus. He is resourceful and possesses knowledge of demons and spirits. He can speak the language of Them. Like all Fenrirr, he has a very keen sense of smell.

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Baldewin & Cameron

Hood Episode One

Baldewin is called to Shadetale to hunt down the witch plaguing the village. He seems to have much experience as a Hunter of witches, being used to superstitious folk and false accusations. However, he also seems to have no qualms about killing a witch if he finds one. At least he takes his work seriously, searching diligently for proof rather than relying on the gossip of the townsfolk.

After questioning the villagers, Baldewin learns the drunken weathermage named Elem was the last to see Cameron. Following the directions of CourSid the Alchemist, Baldewin gathers the ingredients for a potion that will sober Elem enough to answer his questions. The sotted mage clears the mist that obscurs the way into the haunted forest.

With a Jack-o-Lantern and runed hammer, Baldewin steps into the swamp in search of Cameron, the girl who wears a red hood and believed by some villagers to be the witch. He quickly finds the nails mentioned in Cameron's journal, and when he uses the runed hammer on them, a large and hungry demon appears. The demon wants to eat Baldewin, but is afraid of the Jack-o-Lantern. It tells the Hunter that Cameron is deeper in the forest and hints that she may be in great danger from an ancient demon with skin of metal. Venturing further with the protection of his trusty pumpkin, Baldewin discovers an enormous metal machine in the shape of a fish.

Hood Episode 2

Hood Episode 3

Hood Episode 4

After Hood

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