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Retired General Brandt

Kingdom of Liars 1[]

Sir Brandt is a political candidate in Ashbane. Promotional signs of him can be seen on streets throughout the city. He is the target of an elaborate assassination attempt. The Lekling device that grows and shoots bone projectiles was made specifically to eleminate him and was somehow matched to him, which allowed the device to be smuggled past detective wards.

The first attempt on his life was on a train. Brandt was lucky, that it was not him on the train but his brother. His brother died during the assasination attempt by several direct hits of the Lekling device.

Brandt's brother died on a train

Kingdom of Liars 2[]

A big event is being held at the cityhall of Ashbane. Sir Brandt is one of the many guests invited. At the same time the hero of the series chases after an assasin. This chase eventual leads the hero to the cityhall, where he sees a young woman acting all weird. Togheter with Vic'eren the hero chases after the female and prevent her from assasinating sir Brandt. Vic'eren even taking a shot, because he has thrown himself in front of Brandt.

Kingdom of Liars 3[]

In the third episode of Kingdom of Liars it becomes clear he won the elections but he didn't keep his promises.