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Enigmatic beings wrapped in cloth like mummies, these folk appear throughout Lorestrome. Their wise and knowing natures, along with their seemingly far-stretching memories, add to the mysteries surrounding them. Why does an individual refer to itself as 'we'? What is the true nature of their existence? What's under all that cloth? Also note the Bundled have only three fingers on each hand.

Hood Episode One[]

CourSid the Alchemist tells the Wolf, "My kind, we are many. Bundled." This is the first clue to this people's fascinating identities, though it is unclear exactly what CourSid means by 'Bundled'. Are they telling the Wolf this is the name of their people or alluding to some aspect of their nature incomprehensible to the Wolf?

Hood Episode Two[]

Boyen the Shaman exhibits the knowing aspect of the Bundled when he tells the Wolf, "We know you are a hunter of witches." Do the Bundled communicate with all the other Bundled across the realms? Boyen also has some knowledge of the ancient technology the Hunter finds in the swamp.

Kingdom of Liars[]

Borynn the Alchemist and CourBoyn the Merchant are bundled that own a shop and live in Ashbane


In Pact there's a Bundled smith that sells equipment to Will, Amerwyn and Meadow. This is the same Bundled that lives in Abbeymark in Relic.

Bundled smith.png