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Whelek, captain of the guard in Kingdom of Liars.

Captain Whelek seems young for his position in the Hernessian guard. He wears a green cloak over his chainmail and carries a scythe. The standard Hernessian badge is pinned to his chest.

Kingdom of Liars Year One[]

The unnamed protagonist finds Captain Whelek in the library surrounded by many, many books and some artifacts. Much to the protagonist's surprise, a Shadeforest gecko watches the Captain from a corner. This creature blends almost completely into the background, appearing almost as a statue. Is this the Captain's loyal pet?

The Captain says the Hernessians don't often recruit from outside of Ashbane. Apparently, they have quite the reputation, and the reality is that the streets of Ashbane are much more dangerous than most realize. The Captain's talk about the economy gives the impression that he is interested in the goings-on in the city outside of the guard.