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Drainstone casting Magical Bolts

To cast spells in the drainstone in Guild dungeons 2 combine elements with a enchanted gem. You can only cast and use one spell at a time.

The Drainstone menu become acessible after build the following buildings:

  • Chapel
  • Church
  • Library
  • Alchemist
  • Witch hut
  • Jeweler
  • Candlemaker
  • Shrine
  • Cleric hall
  • Bazaar

Enchants gems[]

  • Emerald: This green stone represents life, love, and fate.
  • Garnet: This stone is said to infuse energy into people, places, and things.
  • Sapphire: This stone represents clarity and perception.
  • Ruby: This stone stands for protection, vitality and strength.
  • Amethyst: This is the stone of wisdom and healing. It represents a strong and clear mind.
  • Citrine: This stone represents death and blood. It is the stone of warriors and undertakers.
  • Aquamarine: This stone represents truth, lawfulness and justice.


  • Air
  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Earth
  • Thunder
  • Force
  • Death
  • Nature


Rank-1 Spells[]

Stone Golem[]

  • Element: Earth
  • Gem: Ruby
  • This spell creates a ,ama powered stone golem to travel with your troop. It will help them carry additional resources back, but it does not fight with them.
  • The golem is very strong, but slow and only good for moving heavy resources.

Black Bone Swords[]

  • Element: Death
  • Gem: Citrine
  • This spell enchants all melee soldiers in your troops with black magic, causing them to do 5% more damage.
  • This spell requires melee troops to be in the war party.

Enchanted Swords[]

  • Element: Force
  • Gem: Citrine
  • All melee troops will do an additional 3% damage.

Lightning Bolts[]

  • Element: Thunder
  • Gem: Garnet
  • Each of your casters will be able to fire a single bolt of white lightnng at the start of combat calculations. This bolt does tremendous damage, but only one time. The more casters, the more damage.
  • Requires casters to be in the troop.

Rank-2 Spells[]

Fire Bolts[]

  • Elements: Fire + Force
  • Gem: Ruby
  • This spell will allow all of your magic caster to fire bolts of fire, dealing fire damage. Use this when your enemies are weak to flame.
  • This spell requires there be magic casters in the party.

Ice Bolts[]

  • Elements: Ice + Force
  • Gem: Aquamarine
  • This spell allows all spell casters in your troops to fire bolts of freezing ice. This is excellent against fire-based foes or anyone weak to the cold.
  • You must have spell casters in the party or this pell will not work.

Blood Boil[]

  • Elements: Air + Death
  • Gem: Garnet
  • This spell adds an aura of damage to all spell casters in the troop. They will deal 5% damage to the health of ALL enemies encountered before combat even begins.
  • Requires spell casters in the war party.

Healing Aura[]

  • Elements: Air + Nature
  • Gem: Amethyst
  • This spell enchants all of your healers so that justbeing near them causes a troop to heal. This increases the healingpower of all healing classes by 10%.
  • Requires healers to be in the party or it has no effect.

Enriched Soil[]

  • Elements: Earth + Nature
  • Gem: Garnet
  • This spell, while active, increases the income of crops such as wheat and fruit! You must have production buildings for them through.

Rank-3 Spells[]

Boulder Smash[]

  • Elements: Fire + Earth + Force
  • Gem: Citrine
  • This spell allows casters in the party to summon rolling boulders. These do crush damage and can sometimes be used to knock down doors or walls.
  • This spell requires magical spell casters to be in the party or it will not work.

Racoon Companions[]

  • Elements: Earth + Force + Nature
  • Gem: Ruby
  • You conjure several magical racoons to travel with your troops. They will offer a 20% chance to unlock doors by acessing them from the other side.

Health Boost[]

  • Elements: Earth + Death + Nature
  • Gem: Garnet
  • This global spell increases the health of all adventuring troops by 10%.

Rank-4 Spells[]


  • Elements: Fire + Air + Thunder + Nature
  • Gem: Amethyst
  • This gives all healers a chance to bring the wouded back from death's door. Even if they dn't have a similar skill already.
  • Requires healers to be in the party.

Night Vision[]

  • Elements: Air + Earth + Force + Nature
  • Gem: Sapphire
  • This powerful spell allows all members of your war party to see in total darkness, no need for a light source at all.

Rank-5 Spells[]

Magical Bolts[]

  • Elements: Fire + Air + Earth + Thunder + Force
  • Gem: Aquamarine
  • This is a special magical skill that both magic caster, AND healers can use. This will increase the damage of any caster or healer by 5%.
  • This spell requires either casters or healers to be in the troop.