A slender, one-eyed demon with insect-like arms that lives in the swamp outside of Shadetale.

Hood Episode Two

This entity seems benign in the respect that it considers it wrong to kill those who speak the language of Them. The Elder Shade accuses the Wolf of being a murderer and must have some power of perception to know the Hunter has killed many witches. The shade tells the Wolf his hands glow red.

In exchange for the runed hammer used to commune with spirits, the Elder Shade reveals that Cameron learned things inside the "Metal Demon " and then dismantled parts of it to prevent anyone else discovering the information. The shade also gives the Wolf the final missing piece to the machine.

Hood Episode Four

The Elder Shade confronts the Hunter as soon as he passes through the gate to the Spirit World. The demon scorns the Wolf and promises never to let him leave. However, after seeking the Hunter's opinion of his own character, the Shade allows him to continue on his way.