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In the game Steelcurse the land is threatend by an evil wizard. His ambition has no limits and he's not affraid to use very dark magic, like necromancy, to achieve his megalomanic goals. He instructed hoglins to gather magic items to enhance his magic powers. He wants to absorb as much magic as possible to become some sort of diety and rule the world the by himself. He hates governments like The Council of Storms and want to overrule them.

He used to live in a tower near The Cliff, which is also the place where the hoglins brought all their stolen magic items. He flees this tower after the hoglins attract to much attention by stealing too much magical artefacts. He travels through Willsborough Woods and leaves wastelands behind him. The new place where he settles with his group of Cultist becomes a desolate place where everything dies and only black rocks can be found. This place is called The Sea Of Black.