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Warren from Kingdom of Liars.

Fenrirr have keen senses of smell; so much so that they are often sought to be Hunters. They can track people by the scent of their blood.

Primarily they hail from the city of Fenwall high in the mountains in Vonaran and are often looked down on by other races. Men generally consider them to be brutes, as do noble Lomorans.

They are natural warriors, but also natural recluses and tend to avoid conflict and confrontation. However when cornered, their wolf-like nature quickly takes over and they become vicious and strike back hard and fast. They rarely use magic and have a genetic predisposition to not trust magic or magic users. However this can be overcome.

It isn't known where their roots lie, but there are many temples to the God of Mist and Light that supposedly once lived in the mountains of Vonaran. Often in textbooks and in ancient writings this god is portrayed as a giant white wolf riding on a burning cloud, however there is little proof that this god ever really existed. Generally Fenrirr do not actively practice a religion to the god, but they also will not tolerate disrespect to the god or their own ancient heritage.

Notable Fenrirr[]