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Guardians in Guild Dungeons 2

Guardians are strong warriors trained in the ancient art of Tyrmedle. They function as one part guild, one part noble order. They live by a very strong code the dictates they protect and serve all those honest and just in the land, but in order to join the Guardian must give up all family and friends. This isn't to say they can't have friends or contact with their family, but their vows must always come first and they can never make a decision based on their own feelings or needs.

To be a Guardian is to die between the blade of an enemy and those said enemy would wish to harm.

Guardians favor heavy weapons that slay their foes quickly and brutally. They tend to use armor crafted from grevelstone ore that has a deep green-blue color.

Guild dungeons 2[]

Guardians come from an order of protectors.

They work hard to keep the peace.