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This large demon looks as though it has been stitched together. Its nose is above its orange eyes, which gives it a strange, upside-down look if one stares at it too long. One can imagine this was from careless stitching of the pieces that comprise it, or perhaps this is merely the demon's design. Regardless, one imagines it looks less frightening this way than it would the other. Below its eyes, sharp stalagtites that may be teeth or something else hang down into a gaping maw. Inside this there is only a void, and one can't help wonder where it leads or what would become of something that disappeared within it.

Hood Episode One[]

This demon appears when the Hunter uses the enchanted hammer on the nails in the trees in the haunted forest outside of Shadetale. It wants the Hunter as food, but is frightened of the Jack-o-Lantern the Huntern carries. Under threat from the pumpkin, it agrees to answer the Hunter's questions. It reveals that it knows of Cameron and seems oddly protective of her or afraid for her. It tells the Hunter that the girl did not make a pact with it, but it fears perhaps she did make a deal with a very old demon made of metal deeper in the swamp.

Hood Episode Four[]

This demon confronts the Hunter in Gorsus, the Spirit World. It can smell the blood on the Hunter and tells him it will rip him apart before allowing Cameron to go with him. This demon wants to keep Cameron for itself because she is different than any others the demon has encountered. "She listens," it tells the Hunter. This demon knows the way to release the Archdemon, but its plan is to wait until the Archdemon leaves for reality and then claim Cameron for its own. It says the Archdemon is "primal" and "foolish", but once it leaves the Spirit World it will no longer have a need for Cameron. The Hungry Demon grows weary of the Hunter and its fury increases. It can almost overpower the severely weakened Jack-o-Lantern the Hunter still carries.