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Lady Marian Windlethorpe is a tightly-corseted gold digger with a perpetual frown who lives in Shadetale. Her ridiculous hat (no doubt the height of fashion last year) is bigger than she is.

Hood Episode One[]

The Wolf immediately discovers Marian's haughty and disdainful attitude when he asks her about the girl with the red hood. Marian tells him the girl is the witch he has come to find and goes on to gossip about the hood being a gift from a demon. Marian also says she feels sorry for the girl's "poor poor father".

Hood Episode Three[]

Following the scent of the blood of the demons sent to kill him, the Hunter discovers Lady Marian Windlethorpe is the witch plaguing Shadetale. So ends her days, as the Wolf chops off her head.

The Elder tells the Wolf that Marian wanted a witch hunter to come to the village. She framed Cameron as the witch, seeking to have Cameron's father (and his gold) all to herself. Marian sent the demons that killed Cameron's father; perhaps she finally realized he would never marry her. Ultimately, Marian overestimated her own power against a Fenrirr.