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Shribryn from Kingdom of Liars 1

Leklings are an 'exotic' race that are natural wanderers and nomads. They have no known homelands and are sometimes scoffed at or looked down on by other races. They are free spirits that are wild and clever. They're fast talkers but often have trouble adjusting to city life. They have no interest in politics but do frequently find themselves in trouble with the law or local governments.

The Leklings are the only race to have perfected Tool Breeding, however Fithlings have stolen the technology and frequently attempt to bend it to their own plans. The process involves special buildings that the nomads can later break down and take with them.

Leklings rarely wear much clothing, some almost go nude save for wearing elaborate skirts or leggings. They are frequently striped and have blue hands and reptile-like feet. They have two sets of horns that poke from their heads and a long tail which they have control over to the point of being able to manipulate some objects. But they have nowhere the control as they do their arms or legs or hands. (They could never use a weapon or tool with it for instance, it is primarily for balance. But they could pick up an empty bottle briefly, and then pass it to their hands.)

A female lekling warriors.

Leklings have been known to be rogues, warriors, even magicians or scientists. They fit no mold.