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Vic'eran of the Hernessian Guards. He is a Lomoran.

Lomoir is the country that Lomoran people are from. The entire land is covered in a thick forest that blocks the sun at all times. The ground never sees the light of day.

Lomorans are a thin, smaller race that reside in the dark forests. Their capital city is Shadeforest or 'Fil-Gar' in the Lomoran language. They have a semi-socialist society where a person's only true belongings are their deeds. Wealth is obtained through actions and service, not through accumulation of material objects. That said, sometimes Lomoran nobles can be a bit condescending to other races, but this usually isn't intentional and is frowned on by Lomoran society as a whole.

Lomorans can see slightly better in poor light conditions than most other races, due to the shady environment they come from.