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Merappi looks like an old human, except for the ten red eyes in his enormous forehead. Of his two regular eyes, one is closed or perhaps missing and the other is gold with a tiny pupil. His left ear is pierced with a large golden hoop, and tufts of gray hair protrude from either side of his otherwise bald head. He wears a pinstripe business suit and tie, and standing in front of the prison door, he looks for all the world like a lawyer.

Merappi from Hood, Episode Four.

Hood Episode Four[]

Merappi welcomes the Hunter and tells him he has been watching him and waiting for him since before he entered the Spirit World. Merappi says he was once a man, but he couldn't keep his end of the contract he made with a demon. The offspring of two demons from long ago now reside inside his mind. The Ancients of the Dead Race "saved" him by making him the watcher of the fiends' prison. Merappi is not one who can act, but only watch what transpires. The copper box, he tells the Hunter, is not the prison of the Archdemon. That one can come and go from the prison as it pleases, but it needs a mortal's help to leave the Spirit World. The Archdemon has been resting here, building its strength for its return to reality. Merappi says Cameron is inside with the Archdemon, and in helping it, she may release the fiends without even meaning to.

Merappi possesses some power to see into the Hunter's past or mind or possibly both. He asks the Hunter if he remembers when he and his brother Warren were made to race one another up the hill by their "Master". Merappi says that the Hunter always let Warren win, taking his lashes, and letting everyone believe Warren was stronger. Now, Merappi says, the noble Hunter has come to do the same for Cameron, a girl he has never even met. Merappi tells the Hunter he has such a bad temper because he wants to do good things, but his life is so hard, and the only way he knows is a violent one.

Merappi tells the Hunter that now there is only one key to open the door. And if the Hunter wants to stop the Archdemon and save Cameron, he must open the door. But the key is the lock for the fiends' door. In opening the way to the Archdemon, the Hunter will release the fiends into reality. Merappi taunts the Hunter with this choice: "loose a thousand fiends on your world. Or just one Archdemon that could burn it all."