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Kamalan Runor[]

Runors are powerful warriors forged in the snowy mountains of Meteria. They carry weapons crafted from the white wood of the Wel forest and live off the land like wolves. They're a noble people, but they are also feared when they draw their cold steel. All Runors call Kamala and the surrounding lands home.

Runors are fierce warriors who are said to behave like 'the White Wolf'. Some tales speak of the first of their order actually being trained by a giant white wolf. But this may only be a tale and not truth.

In order to become a Runor one must completed a though training. At the end of the training the aspiring Runor must enter the caverns near Kamala to obtain pedals of a dangerous plant. After wards they have to complete a task given to them by the Sages, who are veteran Runors.