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Shadetale is a small village of thirty or so people, assuming when the Wolf says, "No more than six hands is their number" that the hands in question have four fingers and a thumb. The town is surrounded by a mist-shrouded swamp haunted by shades and spirits. Likely this is the origin of the town's name.

Hood Episode One[]

In episode one the Wolf arrives in the small town to hunt for a witch. The townsfolk sent word to Ashbane that they needed a hunter from the hunter's guild. The guild sent one of their best, a Fenrirr. Shadetale is home to Ettlethorne, Elem the Weathermage, CourSid the Alchemist, Lady Marian Windlethorpe, and the Elder of the town.

Shadetale is also home to a girl named Cameron and her father, who owns the wealthy estate. However, the village has accused Cameron of being a witch. She has disappeared into the haunted forest, and her father has gone in search of her.