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Spell Sword is a RPG by Hyptosis. The story is about the young Runor Amerwyn. She just completed he training and sets out to be of service to the world, seeking a town in need of a warrior.. And giving it one.

At the start of her journey, Amerwyn meets a blue skinned man by the name Slate. He's a Thaa'hune from the White Tower (an order of wise humanoids) and tells her, he has chosen her to complete several heroic tasks. He sends her to an abandoned mine where she meets Faela, an elf that was ambushed by bandits while she was collecting herbs and flowers. After Amerwyn aids Faela by making sure she's safe. Slate send Amerwyn to some abandoned ruins. Here Amerwyn encounters some knights who're about to murder a wood Witch. Amerwyn interferes, but the knight are determined to kill the witch. This leaves Amerwyn no choice and she kills one of the knights while defending both the wood witch and herself. The other knights scatter after this display of skill and power.

The Wood Witch seems to be a good person. Her name is Meadow and she all her life people have discriminated her for being a wood witch. She's pleasantly surprised by the open-minded approach of Amerwyn, who doesn't judge her for being a witch. Amerwyn returns Meadow to slate. Meanwhile slate has rented a apartment in a city. He states that this will be their new home and base for future operations.

The Story continues in the game Pact

Along the way she meets people of various races and professions. 

Spell Sword

A Spell Sword is also a kind of warrior in the Lorestrome universe.

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