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Stone hovels build for spirits.

History of stone shrine construction[]

These stone shrines are often built by small civilizations to honor spirits and their spirit gods or goddesses. It is not uncommon for these small shrines to outlive the civilizations that built them.

Usually these shrines are upkept by keepers. The shrines also sometimes have narrow slits in the roofs for passerbys to put coins in to honor the spirits or to ask for their aid and attention.

Spirit Gods or Goddesses that these shrines are for[]

  • Lethea, mother of wild and animal spirits
  • Deborne, father of lying and oath breaking spirits

The Rudrick stone spirit houses in west Spectgarde.

Civilizations the constructed stone shrine homes[]

  • Rudrick (An old world kingdom, ruined before the first era. Constructed for Lethea in west Spectgarde.)