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The towers surroundings

Legends tell about a tower beyond the mist that hold answers to all the worlds questions.

That if one person could climb the tower and slay the person living on top. all questions asked would have questions yielded.

The tower[]

The Tower beyond the mist is a very very tall building,it's 300 levels high. Within the tower there's a hostile environment where creatures, robots and humanoids alike try to kill eachother in an ambitious race towards the top.


Within the tower the following beings can be found:

  • Simone (human): The charming female merchant. She seems to be the only one in the tower that has no conflicts with others. Every time you encounter her she tries to sell you bombs or potions.
  • The Veteran: An old, tired and very skilled warrior who offers to train you for a little compensation. He has lived in the tower for many years. Rumors say he never intended to reach the top of the tower. He just entered the tower to find a worthy opponent and die in battle.
  • Sentry drones. The demon type,  Ettin type, Couatl Mark 1 & 2 and Centaur.
  • zombies & test subjects
  • Chaos Warriors & Tech Guards
  • Chymera's who're a merger between an dog and a bird.
  • The CEO, top dweller and owner of the tower