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Rufus, a runeseeker.

The Ueeth are a very short race of people who live in elaborate underground dwellings along riverbeds in the temperate zone of Foreran. They primarily eat roots and berries and spend most of their time singing and making clothes.

Almost every Ueeth town is small and primarily export fine clothing they make for the other races. They keep sheep and goats for wool, but do not consume them for meat. Ueeth are genetically strict vegetarians and cannot even digest meat.

They make good spell casters and have a natural knack for working with magic and nature. They have a slightly higher chance of having sorcerer offspring than other races and make excellentRuneseekers if they take a liking to it.

Ueeths are commonly very friendly and sharp-minded. They enjoy puzzles and always seek to find answers to questions that are presented to them.

Their body is covered in a very thick fur that is water proof and they have black hair and curled horns. All Ueeth are excellent swimmers and they can outswim most other beings with ease.