Wood elves are a wild people native to the Black Oak forest surrounding Yarmouth. They are shorter than men, have bright red or orange hair, freckles and often wear braids. The are quick and cunning, and prefer to live in small tribes. The tribe functions as a large family, where everyone watches out for one another, and they rarely trust outsiders unless they come from a sister tribe.

Wood elves are nomads, and while they will often stay in a single large forest, they will move camp frequently.

Wood elves often wear green clothing, both to blend with the forest and for ceremonial reasons. It is not uncommon to see a wood elf wearing blue paint on his or her face, with hair in long red braids or sometimes stood up like the crown of a rooster.

Tribes a frequently lead by a female elder, however most major decisions are decided on by a group of elders who smoke and debate before acting rashly.